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Utah Parks - AdvancementRecognitionReflection of ExcellencePast Recipients of Reflection of Excellence

Past Recipients of Reflection of Excellence

Cub Scout Leader Service Award, in honor of Relva J. McGarry.


Past Recipients

1981:    Earl Jones   (Squaw Peak District)

1982:    Ruth Sowards   (Provo District)

1983:    Russell and Wilma Hicken   (Provo District)

1984:    Rex and Mary Larsen   (Provo District)

1985:    Beverly Hoyt   (Squaw Peak District)

1986:    Duane and Gladys Gilson   (Provo District)

1987:    Dennis and Evelyn Hoover   (Provo District)

1988:    Bruce Bone   (Virgin River District)

1989:    Joy Ford   (Millard District)

1990:    Michael and Judy Kelsch   (Provo District)

1991:    Dorothy Damico   (Hobble Creek District)

1993:    Priscilla Mathews   (Squaw Peak District)

1994:    Cliff and Jeanette Jensen   (Provo District)

1995:    Don and Linda Kilgrow   (San Juan District)

1996:    Jacklin and Wilma Tracy   (Alpine District)

2000:    Annette Adams   (Utah Lake District)

2001:    Arlinda Nelson   (Hobble Creek District)

2003:    Denise Thayn   (Carbon District)

2004:    Ruby Larsen   (Bridal Veil Falls District)

2006:    Ray Cook   (Kings Peak District)

2007:    Arla Otten   (Sanpete District)




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