Scout Jam 100 @ Heber (Fall Camporee)

Scout Jam 100 @ Heber (Fall Camporee)
415 Southfield Rd, Heber City, UT 84032, US
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COUTJAM100 Registration for ALL Districts

The ScoutJam100 is sponsored by multiple districts.  This is the registration for all boys and the adults that accompany them.

There are three Activity Sessions - Friday morning, Friday afternoon, and Saturday morning.  Each boy should be registered for an activity during each session, and they should pick Teepee Village, Mountain Man Village, or ScoutJAM village for one of their sessions.  

Adults should register for ScoutJam100, but not register for activity sessions.  Adults may visit the activity sessions to take pictures and share in the experience to help their boys.


5K Run - Friday Morning only


Aviation Merit Badge (Partial)

Basketball - 3 on 3 Tournament

Biathlon - Friday Morning only - Bring your own bike & helmet

BMX Races - Bring your own bike & helmet

Chemistry Merit Badge

Chess Merit Badge

Climbing - $5 Fee


COPE Course


Fishing Merit Badge

Fly Fishing

Game Design Merit Badge

Geocaching Merit Badge

Golf at Wasatch Mountain State Park - $15 Fee

Horsemanship Merit Badge

Indian Lore Merit Badge - $10 Fee

Inventing Merit Badge - $5 Fee

Mountain Biking

Mountain Man Village

Photography Merit Badge

Radio Merit Badge

Railroading Merit Badge - All day Friday - $8 Fee

Rifle Shooting Merit Badge - $8 Fee

Robotics Merit Badge - $15 Fee

ScoutJam100 Village

Scuba - $5 Fee

Search and Rescue Merit Badge

Shotgun Shooting - $12 Fee


Space Exploration Merit Badge - $8 Fee

Swimming - $1 Fee

Teepee Village

Ultimate Frisbee

Woodcarving Merit Badge - $1 Fee

X Games at the skate/bike park - Bring your own gear

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$20.00 per Participant

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