Snow College Spring Merit Badge Pow Wow Begins (Feb-2-April-21) (110)
Snow College Spring Merit Badge Pow Wow Begins (Feb-2-April-21) (110)

Snow College Spring Merit Badge Pow Wow Begins (Feb-2-April-21) (110)
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2016 Snow College 

Spring Merit Badge Pow Wow


Both Ephraim and Richfield Campuses

Online Registration Begins Now  Click Here to Register
Class Sizes are limited so register early to insure you have a spot!

Classes Begin February 2 and continue thru April 21

Fee Schedule
$5.00 to register for Pow Wow and $2.00 for each class registered for (up to 20 Classes!)
Classes will begin at top of the hour, up to three classes per night.
Class Locations:  To be Determined
Classes Offered Information will be available at District Home page as soon as possible
Here is a list of the badges we are considering
Badge/Name Information Badge/Name Information
American Cultures, American Heritage, Basketry. Chemistry, Chess, Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World, Coin Collecting, Communications, Crime Prevention, Emergency Preparedness, Environmental Science, Family Life, Fingerprinting, Personal Fitness, Personal Management, Radio, Scholarship, Scout Heritage, Space Exploration, Sustainability, and Weather
Each Scout should bring a completed and signed Merit Badge Card from their Scoutmaster with them to class on the first day.  Merit Badges require more than mere attendance at the Class.  Some requirements are time related and there isn't enough time from the first to the third class to complete, these need to be started before the classes begin. The Scout that only attends class, but doesn't participate and complete outside of class assignments will not complete the Merit Badge.  We encourage all Scouts to bring a Notebook, writing instrument, the Merit Badge Book for the Badge they are taking with them to class every time.  Additionally, some Merit Badge Counselors like the scouts to track their progress using a Merit Badge WookbookClick Here to find these workbooks.  Some classes require models, and projects to be completed to pass off requirements.  Costs for these are in addition to the fees for the class.  We encourage all Scouts to wear their Scout Uniform when attending the Pow Wow.
Questions Email Jay Zabriskie