College of Commissioner Science - Online Winter 2018 Bachelors
College of Commissioner Science - Online Winter 2018 Bachelors

College of Commissioner Science - Online Winter 2018 Bachelors
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College of Commissioner Science

Online Bachelor's Degree

January 28, 2018 - March 18, 2018

From the convenience of your home! One course per week

What is Commissioner College?

Commissioner College is one of the best ways for commissioners to get continuing education in their critical role.  It is modeled after a traditional college, with course requirements leading to Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate "degrees" in Commissioner Science.    

For all current and future commissioners, including:

  • Unit Commissioners
  • District Commissioners & Assistant District Commissioners
  • Roundtable Commissioners & Staff
  • Other Commissioners and Interested Scouters

The UNPC Online Format & Approach

  • The Utah National Parks Council provides an online opportunity to complete the Bachelors of Commissioner Science.
  • Seven Bachelor's level courses will be offered
  • Each course will last 7 days
  • To get credit for a course, you must complete it and its related activities within the 7-day schedule.
  • If you miss completing a course during the 7-day window, you can still complete future courses.
  • To complete the Bachelor's Degree, you must have received credit for a total of seven courses, either from the online college or from another college, along with having completed Commissioner Basic Training.
  • Contact Joe Devereaux, Dean of the Online Commissioner College, with questions:

Course Schedule

Week 1 BCS 101 The Commissioner Concept
Week 2 BCS 103 The Commissioner and the District
Week 3 BCS 104 Unit Visitation
Week 4 BCS 105 Practical Solutions to Common Unit Needs
Week 5 BCS 106 A Commissioner's Priorities
Week 6 BCS 107 Unit Journey to Excellence
Week 7 BCS 116 Unit Self-Assessment


Summary of Degree Requirements

Bachelor's Diploma:  You must have completed Commissioner Basic Training (for your current position) and at least 7 courses (with at least 5 at the BCS level)

Master's Diploma: You must have earned the Bachelor's Diploma and the Arrowhead Honor Award, and completed at least 14 courses (with at least 5 at the MCS level)

Doctor's Diploma: You must have earned the Master's Diploma and the Commissioner's Key, completed an approved Thesis or Project, served on staff or faculty for a Commissioner College and completed at least 24 courses (with at least 5 at the DCS level, or CED level with prior approval)

Contact E-mail
$10.00 per Participant
Cancellation Policy
Please notify us at least 2 days in advance if you cannot attend.