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Camp Director:  

Thunder Ridge Scout Camp Leader Information


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Frequently Asked Questions

Remember: Your Scouts do not HAVE to go on the Outpost Adventure Tracks - there is an In-Camp option for those individuals that want to stay closer to base camp and get a more "traditional" feel to their camp experience. 

Recommended Equipment Lists:



The following campfire scenarios will be allowed at Thunder Ridge this summer:

  • Natural Fuel (Wood) Campfire: Must be contained in a fire pan or fire barrel. The fire should be between 5” to 18” off the ground and must never be left unattended. Ashes must be bagged and thrown away, not dumped on the ground in the campsite.
  • Charcoal Briquettes: Same as wood fires. Must be lit and contained in a fire barrel or Dutch Oven table that is at least 5” off the ground. Spent ashes must be bagged and thrown away.
  • Propane or other contained fuel: Always appropriate in any form.

Scout leaders interested in having a natural fuel fire at camp do no need to bring any of their own firewood. The camp has enough deadfall and trees felled for fire safety that every troop should have enough firewood to meet their needs. As drought and extra dry conditions strike the Southern Utah area, the Forest Service will place a ban on all natural fires and charcoal briquettes. If a ban is put into place during the summer it will not be lifted for any reason (including inclement weather) until after the summer is over.

SCOUTMASTERS ARE REQUIRED TO KNOW WHAT, IF ANY, FIRE RESTRICTIONS HAVE BEEN PUT INTO PLACE AND PLAN ACCORDINGLY. If you have questions about fire resctrictions contact the camp director via email or contact the main council office in Orem directly.


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