Scoutbook FAQ


Activate Youth

Step 1 - Enter Member ID 

  • The biggest reason a youth is not activated for advancement sync is because their Member ID has not been entered into Scoutbook, this is an easy fix!
  • Click on the name of the youth that needs activated
  • Scroll down and click "Edit Profile"
  • Scroll down until you see "BSA Member #" as shown to the right
  • If this field is empty, enter the correct Member ID
  • Scroll down and click update

Step 2 - Activate

  • On the Member Page you should still see "Click here to activate"
  • Click on the red words
  • Either the youth will be activated, and the activate logo will show next to the green shield, or an error box will tell you the information you are missing to activate the youth.
  • If you need help gathering the profile information for the youth contact the Scout Office at 801-437-6222
  • Once the info is entered, click the "Click here to activate"

Transfer Youth

Option 1 

  • The youth, parent, or previous unit leader can go into the youth's record
  • Click "Connections Manager"

  • Click "Add"
  • Search for a leaders name in the new unit & select it

  • Go back to the youth's record
  • Select "Membership"
  • Give an end date for the current membership
  • On the Membership page click "Add" and enter the info for the new unit
  • Remove connections to previous unit leaders


Option 2 

  • If you do not have access to Scoutbook or do not have contact with the previous leader, contact Scoutbook at
  • Include in the email the council & unit the youth is transferring from and to as well as the youth's member ID and DOB

Record Advancements

Step 1 - Go to Patrol/Den

  • Select "Quick Entry" from menu below the roster


Step 2- Pop up box

  • Select the correct entry type from the box that pops up?
    • "Enter Merit Badges" is for entering dates for completed Merit Badges for all youth you have a connection to. For example a parent can enter only for their child. A leader can enter info for anyone in the patrol/den.
    • "Enter Merit Badge Req" is for entering partial Merit Badge Requirements. 



     Step 3- Enter Info

    • From the Merit Badge Req. page you can select the Merit Badge from a drop down menu, which requirements are complete, and which youth have completed the requirements.
    • Enter the Data Completed
    • Click "Save"
    • Each youth can have multiple partials as they work toward the next rank advancement.


    Approve Advancements (leaders only)

    Step 1 - Reports

      • Go to "Reports" from your home screen


      Step 2 - Approval Report

      • Click on "Needs Approval" to get a list of all awaiting approvals.
      • This list gives many other options, such as getting an individual report for a youth, who is training, and what needs purchased. Become familiar with these tools for best utilization of Soutbook.
      • Report Builder allows you to create and save custom reports you want to refresh in the future.


      Step 3 - Approve

      • Any completed requirements entered from parents or leaders will appear in this report, and much be approved by a leader before they are recorded.
      • You can select "Approve All" if you are confident that all youth have completed the listed requirements.
      • You can also select an individual youth and then individual advancements to approve if you need to be more selective.