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Get Started (New Leaders)

As a new leader, Youth Protection Training is your #1 priority in getting started.

Step 1: Create My.Scouting Account
Step 2: Log in and complete Youth Protection Training
Step 3: Log in and complete your Position-Specific Training


Need help with your Scouting position? Below are a few tips and tricks on how to run a successful program.

Running My Pack/Troop (Unit)
Developing Leadership

Trail to Eagle
High-Quality Activities


Need to talk with someone? Have a question? Looking for the next Wood Badge course? Check out the resources below:

Cub Scout Resources
Boy Scout Resources
11 year-old Scout Resources
Advanced Training Courses
Rent Your Equipment

Upcoming Training Events

Top Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I need a little more training in ScoutBook. Where can I find this?

A: Click here to learn more about Scoutbook.

Q: Where can I find help for online registration?

A: Online registration is a great way to cut out the paper work and do it all online! Click here to learn how to register online or watch this video.

Q: After ScoutBook is fully up and syncing with BSA National and no longer need to use Internet Advancement/ScoutNet, will ScoutBook then be free?

A: The second quarter of 2018 Scoutbook Lite will be available for free. Click here for more information.

Q: What are the Palm Award requirements changes and how do they apply to my Scout?

A: The changes went into EFFECT on August 1, 2017. Please make sure the Palm(s) are recorded in Scoutbook or Internet Advancement. Here is a link to BSA's National site requirements.


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