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Scouts in Action

Scouts are trained to "Be Prepared" and receive opportunities in their Scouting advancement to provide service to others, including in times of need.

Below are stories of some of our local youth who have had the opportunity to put these skills into use during real-life emergencies. Celebrate with us in their achievements. If you have a story, let us know by emailing your story.

On June 24, 2008 Jarin H., a nine year old Scout, was able to help save the life of his mom. Jarin�s mom went into a diabetic seizure. Despite the fact that she was not able to communicate well she was able to get Jarin�s attention. When Jarin saw his mom lying in the hallway he knew she needed help. He called 911, told the dispatchers what was wrong and answered their questions until the paramedics arrived.

On October 3, 2008 Joshua S., a Webelos Scout, had the opportunity to practice his first aid training received as a Scout. He and his little brother, Ben, were riding their bikes to a ward activity when Ben crashed and broke his arm. Ben broke both the radius and ulna of his left arm in the accident and went into shock. Even though Ben�s arm was grotesque to look at and the accident traumatized Joshua, Joshua kept a cool head during the event. He recognized the seriousness of Ben�s injury and gave Ben aid and comfort, telling him to remain still. Joshua then ran to the nearest house and found an adult to help him. Once Ben was safe with an adult, Joshua ran home to get his parents. While in the hospital, Joshua stayed with Ben and gave him further comfort. Ben needed to be sedated while his arm was set and thanks to Joshua�s first aid, will recover fully.

In 1940 David (14) and some of his friends, Earl (14), Jack (14), Merlin (9), Keith (9) and Jack(9) decided to go swimming in the Provo River. They went to an area of the river that was known to the locals as the rock crusher. It was a place where the river was dragged to pull out the rocks, making a large pond in the center of the river.

When they got there someone had left a log raft at the edge of the pond and the 3 youngest boys climbed on and pushed out in the water. The 3 oldest boys were sitting on the bank watching. Earl decided to swim out to the raft and bring them in. He thought he could swim that far even if he could only doggie paddle. He got about 30 ft. and decided to rest, but he couldn�t touch the bottom and then he couldn�t get his head above water even though he tried 4 or 5 times. David saw me and ran along the bank to the closest place and jumped in after Earl. When he got to Earl he said, �Hang on to my neck,� Earl did. David could only doggie paddle himself but he was able to pull Earl to the raft, where the other boys pulled them on.



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