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How to Sell
Why Sell?
What's on the Card?



Why Buy?
Where Can I Buy? (2020 cards coming soon!)
What's on the Card?

You're Invited!
Super Saturday Sales Kick-off

January 25th, 8:00AM at the Orem Scout Office

The Starving Student Card is back for 2020 and we're kicking off this fundraiser with a Super Saturday Sales Kick-off. We want our Scouts to hit their fundraising goals so we're giving them an extra incentive (Saturday ONLY) to jump start their sales.

Learn more about the Super Saturday Sales Kick-off.

(Click HERE to purchase your card - Coming soon!)

How to Sell

1. Pick up your cards at the Orem Scout Office or from your Professional Scouter.

2. Go have fun selling the cards!

3. Return the unsold cards and 50% of the proceeds to the Orem Scout Office.

For more information on how to sell, select the packet below:

2020 Instruction Packet

Sell Scout Cards Flyer


Why Sell

Selling cards is an easy way for your youth to earn money to help pay for things like...


Patches & Awards



And when they sell Scout Starving Student Cards they are...



Why Buy?


Investing in Youth

Not only will you be saving money, your purchase will help support youth groups. You're investing in the future.


Exclusive Savings and Deals

The Scout Starving Student Card is simply the best, easiest to use, biggest bang for your buck discount card! Get hundreds of awesome deals on food, entertainment, and services all over town!

Families save an average of $600-$800 on activities and food they are already purchasing.

See full list of savings and deals!
(Expires Jan. 1, 2021)


Get access to these incredible offers by purchasing yours today!


Limited Offer

This card offers exclusive savings to those who have one. Don't miss out on these limited deals.

Utah County Card (Coming soon!)


Where to Purchase

There are two ways to purchase Scout Starving Student Cards:

Local Scouting Unit

Find a Scouting unit near you and ask for a card

or contact your local Scouting Professional.



Purchase Online

Click HERE to purchase yours today!
(Coming soon!)