Transportation Safety Tips

Do you want to be the one to tell your boy's parents that he is injured or dead?

by Harold Jacklin 

Improper transporting of Scouts and leaders for Scouting activities continues to be a serious problem within our council. The following policy, which was adopted quite some time ago by the Utah National Parks Council, needs to be reemphasized and strictly adhered to by everyone.

Certainly common sense dictates that when someone might be riding in the back of a pickup truck, there is an eminent danger. Several lives have been lost and numerous injuries have occurred to individuals when riding in the back of a truck. Due to numerous abuses and possible neglect, the Utah National Parks Council has adopted the following policy

It is essential that adequate, safe and responsible transportation be provided for all Scouting activities. In compliance with the provisions of the "Guide to Safe Scouting", the following items will be applicable.

'Trucks are designed and constructed to transport materials and equipment, not people. The bed of trucks or trailers must never be used for carrying passengers
(Guide to Safe Scouting, p. 44).

Trucks may not be used for transporting passengers except in the cab. Passenger cars or station wagons may be used for transporting passengers, but passengers should not ride on the rear deck of station wagons.
(Guide to Safe Scouting, p. 44).

Seat belts are required for all occupants.
(Guide to Safe Scouting, p. 44).

Due to the severity of this matter with the loss of life and serious injuries, it is incumbent upon all of us to be as safe as possible in all Scouting activities. Any Scouter (adult or youth) who allows the violation of this policy may have his or her membership in Scouting terminated by the Utah National Parks Council.

If transgression of the policy continues within a unit, the unit may lose its charter.

Please familiarize yoursefl with BSA's Guide to Safe Scouting as you prepare for your monthly outings.


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