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What is Friends of Scouting, and why is it so important to contribute to the annual Friends of Scouting Campaign?

Two great questions! Friends of Scouting (FOS) is the annual giving campaign of the Utah National Parks Council and provides the necessary funds to ensure a quality Scouting program for youth. More specifically, by supporting FOS, you help keep:

  • The cost of Council camps affordable
  • The Council Service Centers and camp facilities in top condition
  • The promise of a quality Scouting experience to your son or daughter and others in Scouting

There are three FOS campaigns each year: the Family Campaign (by far the largest), the Executive Board Campaign, and the Business Campaign. Each is vital to the programs and services of the Council. The money raised through the annual FOS campaign offsets the cost of training Scouting leaders, operating the Council camps and service centers, and providing other resources to Cub Packs, Scout Troops, Varsity Scout Teams, Venturing Crews, and Sea Scout Ships throughout the Council - more than 5,500 in all.

It costs the Utah National Parks Council approximately $100 to provide a quality Scouting experience for one registered Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, Venturer, or Sea Scout per year. Parents of Scouts and other neighborhood and community members play an invaluable role in the annual FOS campaign by contributing money that reflects their respect for what the program can achieve and their ability to give.

Help keep Scouting strong by participating as a Friend of Scouting. Thank you for your generous support!


 The “True” Cost of Scouting

“The Iceberg Analogy”

But there is a whole lot more below the waterline!

Volunteer and Staff Training

Training for more than 35,000 volunteer leaders every year.

Insurance Coverage

To protect volunteers, chartered organizations, staff members, and properties.

Support Staff

For registration, publications, and other program support.

Camp Promotion

For Cub Scout Day Camps, Boy Scouts Camps and High Adventure Bases - 12 in all.

Friendly Camp Rangers

To keep the beautiful camps up-to-date and ready for Scouts and families.

Camp Equipment

Tents, cooking equipment, camp vehicles, building repairs, canoes, equipment replacement and repair, and general upkeep of Council camps.


For leaders who complete training, volunteer for special projects, and help in many Scouting roles.

Professional Staff

Work with volunteers to organize new units, manage fund-raising programs, conduct trainings, assist membership recruitment, provide counsel and direct support for District, camps, and programs.

Administrative Needs

Postage, computers and links to the National BSA Computer System, copy machines, folding machines, and printing shop.

Eight Service Centers

Utilities, insurance, repairs, and remodeling throughout the Council.

Audio-Visual Supplies

Used in training, at camps, and in volunteer meetings.


Mailings to leaders, parents, and youth members.

Council Website

Go online ( to learn more about the Council and its programs.

Reference Publications and Resources

Everything from Program planning kits and Program helps to camping cookbooks.

The majority of the costs of the Scouting program, including running the Council camps, record keeping, distribution of printed and electronic materials, training programs, support staff, and insurance are hidden beneath the surface, just like an iceberg. The 80 percent that isn’t visible is what keeps the rest afloat. Help keep Scouting afloat!

For more information on where the funds go, please visit

Click above image to donate or manage your unit's FOS campaign

Click here to get trained on the FOS management system


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