Order of the Arrow Bobcat Pass

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When you purchase the Bobcat Pass, you are paying for all the lodge events in a calendar year! Purchase the pass and then worry no more about paying for individual events!

The cost of the pass is $60 (a savings of $10 for a Vigil Honor member, and $5 for all other members of the lodge) and includes entrance to the following Lodge events/activities:

- Lodge Banquet
- Ordeal/Brotherhood participant x3
- Vigil Reunion (available to Vigil Honor members)
- Fall Fellowship
- Lodge Leadership Development (LLD) This event is free to all Lodge members in 2022

The following would be additional costs beyond the Bobcat pass and ARE NOT included:

- Annual Lodge Dues (but you can pay these with the Bobcat pass registration)
- First-time ordeal candidates
- Brotherhood sash for new brotherhood members
- OA Week-long training

Purchase Pass Here