Camping in Bear Country

Reduce odors that attract bears

  • Store ALL food and wildlife attractants in the bear boxes provided in your campsite.
  • NEVER take food into your tent, not even a snack.
  • Use the designated grey water disposal; do not dispose of grey water near a human-use area.  If you are at Camp Loll, screen all dishwater - broadcast the cleaned water, and dispose of all food particles and grease from the screen.
  • Keep your fire pit clean and free of food residue.

What Attracts Bears?

Anything that has an odour or could be considered food may attract wildlife to your site.

  • Coolers – full/empty
  • Food and Condiments
  • Garbage/Wrappings/Plastic Bags
  • Dishes/Pots
  • Bottles/Cans: full/empty
  • Tablecloths
  • Toiletries & Insect Spray
  • Camp Stoves & Barbecues
  • ANY items associated with food preparation or clean up (soap, dish clothes, towels, & clothing worn while cooking.