Council Pinewood Derby

Ladies and gentlemn... start your engines!!!

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  • Main event: Derby racing!!
  • Lego derby cars
  • Derby tie slide

Who's invited...

  • All registered Cub Scouts and their siblings


  • Camp Tracy - Layton Lodge (Map)


  • Saturday, April 17, 2021
  • 1-3pm
    • Register for one specific race time:
      • 1-1:30pm
      • 1:30-2pm
      • 2-2:30pm
      • 2:30-3pm

Get registered...

  • Council Pinewood Derby - April 17, 2021 (Camp Tracy) Register Now

Vehicle Specs...

  • Pre shaped (kit) cars are not allowed.
  • Bodies of other materials will be grounds for disqualification.
  • The body may be shaped, hollowed out, or built up as long as it meets all other specifications.
  • Any additions to the body such as a steering wheel, drivers, paint and decals must be attached firmly.
  • If any weight falls off the car on raceday it cannot be reattached.
  • No part of the vehicle body may protrude past the starting gate.


  • The vehicle width at the wheels may NOT be modified.
  • It must be the same as the original kit.
  • No wider than 2 3/4 inches.
  • This allows the car to fit on track and not obstruct vehicles in the next lane.
  • Material may be added to the side of the car but not be wider than the wheels.


  • Overall length should be appropriate for the kit used.
  • Pinewood derby cars are 7 inches long. (To fit in the starting gate).
  • The car can be shorter as long as the front wheels do not extend beyond the front of the car.


  • Overall height may not exceed 5 inches. (To fit under the scoring finish line)


  • Minimum 3/8 inches from the surface. (To clear the track center guide rail)


  • The wheelbase may not be modified. It must be the same as the official kit.
  • The distance from the center of the axles must be 4 7/16 inches.
  • New axle slots may be cut but the distance between the front and rear axle must be 4 7/16 inches.
  • Extended wheelbases will not be allowed, shorter wheelbases are not seen as an advantage and are allowed.

Wheels & Axles:

  • Wheels must be those furnished in the official BSA kit, or other official BSA wheels sold at the Scout Shop.
  • BSA wheels only, no other manufacturer.
  • Wheels may be sanded to remove the flashing (mold marks) only.
  • Do not remove the words ‘BSA Pinewood Derby from the sidewall.
  • NO reduction in width or diameter.
  • NO change in shape.
  • The BSA logo should not be sanded off from the sidewall of the tire.
  • Wheels may be lubricated with dry graphite only. NO liquid lubrication.
  • The original nail/axle may be cleaned up by removing burr and molding marks.
  • NO 1-piece axles, NO washers, NO bushings, NO bearings, NO springs are permitted.
  • NO aftermarket axles.
  • All 4 Wheels are not required to touch the track, but racers are strongly encouraged to have 4 wheels on the corners so the car races down the standard track.


  • Cars must not exceed five (5.000) ounces, We use one scale for all cars.
  • Our scale is the official scale for this event.
  • Our scale is accurate to 0.005 ounce.
  • Cars may show as 5 ounces on a less precise scale but be overweight on the official council scale.


  • Vehicles must free wheel with no stored energy or movable weights.
  • The kit has no designated front or back to the supplied body, either end may be the front.
  • The front of the car should have a square nose where the car meets the starting pin.
  • No indentation on the nose where the starting pin touches the car.
  • The car must meet the starting pin and be completely behind the pin.