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As you know, Scouting in the Intermountain West has undergone a significant transformation.  However, we are pleased to inform you that Scouting in Utah is alive and well and still serving thousands of youth.

The three previous Councils—Utah National Parks, Great Salt Lake, and Trapper Trails—have been consolidated into the Crossroads of the West Council, which will serve Utah, southern Idaho and western Wyoming.  In addition, the consolidation has allowed the Council to achieve some efficiencies and “right sizing.”  Our Council will continue to provide life-changing opportunities for young people, with a key focus on five key areas: leadership, achievement, character, service and outdoors.

The Scouting activities and programs with which you are familiar will continue.  We still have 15 spectacular camps where young people can experience the outdoors and learn new skills.  We still have incredible leaders who devote time and energy to helping young people develop into responsible members of society.

Now, more than ever, our young people need opportunities to build character and learn the attributes of the Scout Law and Oath.  They need to learn how to experience and respect the outdoors.  They need to learn leadership from unit involvement and life skills from earning merit badges.  The societal benefits of Scouting are real and significant.

Lord Baden Powell, Scouting’s founder, once said, “The most worthwhile thing is to put happiness into the lives of others.”  We invite you to do something truly worthwhile and help put happiness into the lives of young people throughout our state by making a contribution to Scouting.  Our organization cannot survive without donations.  Your generosity will help us continue to provide life-changing experiences.  All donations through Friends of Scouts will remain in our Council and help our young people.  We ask that you help us bring joy and happiness to Scouts in the Crossroads of the West Council by making a gift, however large or small.

Thank you for support of Scouting.  It has blessed countless lives in the past and, with your continued help, will build young people of character for years to come.

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