How Do I...

Register for camp, training, and/or program activities:  

  • In person.  Stop by the Ogden office
  • Online. Easily register for nearly all events at 
  • Call (801) 479-5460.  A council employee can assist in registering for any session over the phone.

Receive answers about camp, training, and/or program activities: 

  • In person.  Stop by the Ogden office
  • Online.  Chat with a council employee by clicking the box on the bottom right corner of your screen
  • Call (801) 479-5460.  A service team member is prepared to assist you as needed.  

Purchase awards and supplies:

  • Online.  
    • Rank/merit badge orders can be placed at
    • (can purchase most everything EXCEPT rank and merit badges)
  • Call (801) 479-5460. An Ogden Scout Shop employee will assist in fulfilling your order.
  • In person.  The Ogden and Sandy Scout Shops remains open (with a Utah Valley option coming soon).

Note: Phone and online orders should be made with a one-week lead time. For the process of recording then purchasing awards as referenced above, each Scout unit must have a functioning ScoutBook account. Speak with your District Executive with questions regarding ScoutBook.  

Help complete Eagle verification and certification processes:

  • Online.  
    • Send scanned Eagle forms to
    • A council employee will email a response when verification is complete and schedule a Board of Review.  
  • In person.  Ogden Office.
  • Mail. 1200 E 5400 S Ogden, UT 84403 

Note: Completed certificates and/or purchased eagle packets can be mailed to a specified person, upon request.

Submit membership applications:

  • In person. Give to your District Executive
  • Online.  Use of the online system is strongly encouraged.  Please speak with your District Executive or call 801.479.5460 regarding questions about how to use online membership registration.  
  • Mail. 1200 E 5400 S Ogden, UT 84403 

Note: Include your contact information, fee payment, and ensure form is filled out with YPT completion date (if applicable)