2023 National Jamboree Patches

The Council's 2023 National Jamboree patches highlight Lord Baden Powell and wildlife found throughout our diverse Council with the theme of "Moving Forward Together."


Patches not sold separately. Purchased patches will be shipped around July 18, 2023.

  • $75 for full set. Includes:
    • Center patch
    • Bison shoulder patch
    • Wood duck shoulder patch
    • Trout shoulder patch
    • Grizzly shoulder patch
    • Elk shoulder patch
    • Lodge flap
    • Lodge pocket patch
  • Price includes shipping to your home.

Jamboree Participants
1 set and 2 JSP's that represent their jamboree troop/crew are included in the Jamboree fee.  These will be provided upon full payment of Jamboree fee.  Additional patch orders will be shipped to your home the week before the contingent leaves for the National Jamboree.

  • Each participant will receive 1 full set and 2 patches that represent their jamboree troop/crew
  • Contingent participants may choose to order more for trading (click on the 'purchase now' link below, selecting 'contingent partcipant' after entering your name)
  • Price includes shipping to your home.

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Patch Artwork & Downloads:

File Name Description
Jambo Patches Flyer Download, print and share! Download