Kodiak Challenge

Who should take Kodiak?

Participants must be at least 14 years old, completed 8th grade and be a registered member of a Venture crew or Scouts BSA troop.

Why should I take Kodiak?

The Kodiak Challenge treks are centered around a challenging 5-day trek. Kodiak teaches leadership skills in a fun way that is internalized by the participants.  Kodiak is not taught indoors or in a classroom; it is done completely outdoors using nature's examples of leadership.


  • $125 per person (includes meals and training materials)
  • Prerequisite: Participants must have a completed a BSA medical form current within 12 months of the course.
  • Equipment: A list of camping equipment will be provided to registrants
  • Questions, contact: Sheryl Winterton     sherylwinterton@gmail.com

Get registered...

  • Kodiak Challenge - July 13-16, 2022 (Camp Hunt) Register Now


File Name Description
Equipment Checklist This list will help you Be Prepared by knowing what to bring! Download