Scouting Helps

Dear Scouter,

As our COVID 19 world is adjusting again, people are thinking more and more about Scouting. A quick survey of our most asked questions includes the following:

  • How does my Scout turn in their Eagle Scout application? The best resource for all questions related to Eagle Scout can be found at From this page you can find information on the Eagle Scout Service Project, Application and Board of Review Process, and how to submit an Eagle Scout application online. Go to this page to find the help you need.
  • Can my friends and family go camping at a Crossroads of the West Council camp? The answer to this question is YES! It seems like everyone is ready to get out into the fresh air and camping is a great option. Go to to learn more about this exciting opportunity. Bring your tent (and is some cases your trailer or RV) and enjoy the great outdoors!
  • Which district am I a part of? To find out more information about your new Scouting district, contact information for your District Executive, district boundaries and other details go to Your District Executive is your go to person for all your Scouting questions. 

By the way, the new Council Shoulder Patch (CSP) is ordered and on the way! We’ll post the information on the council website,, and the Facebook page, as soon as it is available. And if you haven’t done so already, click "LIKE" on the to start receiving information in your newsfeed. 

If you have any questions, email them to or call (801) 479-5460.

Have a great Scouting day and stay safe out there!

Allen Endicott
Scout Executive