Pipe Holder

What is Pipe Holder?

He who follows such a pathway in unwaveringcheerful service will be seen by many othersand, by inspiration, lead them.

-Allowat Sakima

A "Pipe Holder" was a position of great importance in the Plains Indian war culture.  A Pipe Holder was an honored and proven warrior.  He was respected among his peers because of his courage and his outstanding battle or war deeds.  He had the opportunity of choosing the men that would accompany him to ride in the war party.  He chose those warriors that would honor him in battle or raid.  He chose men that carried themselves with honor.  He led his warriors by making sound and clear decisions.  He led by example and rode out in front of the other warriors, putting himself in harms way.  When the time came for the war deed to take place, the other warriors looked to him and followed him with confidence; to accomplish their objective.

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