Online Recharter

Thank you for re-registering your Scouting program!
Rechartering can be done from your home or office anytime that it’s convenient for you. The UCRS (Unit Charter Renewal System) allows a unit to indicate returning members, add new members, and update information for an individual or the chartered organization.  On-line rechartering ensures that unit and member information will be correct because the unit will be completing the renewal information.

Unit Charter Renewal System Tutorial

To learn more about how Internet Rechartering works take the interactive Internet Rechartering tutorial or consult the Internet Rechartering Help Page.
Unit Representative Commitment
Each unit must select a representative that will be responsible for the recharter process and commit to coordinating the efforts with unit leadership and the chartered organization so that the process will be completed before the unit’s expiration date. The paperwork is done online from a home or office, anytime that it’s convenient.

Access to the UCRS
Your unit's recharter access codes will be emailed to your Chartered Organization Representative.  The email will contain an access code to the UCRS - this code should be shared with the unit representative selected to handle the recharter process.  As this is an online process, NO PACKET OF MATERIALS WILL BE PROVIDED.  All necessary forms and/or applications will be included in the email sent to the Chartered Organization Representative.  

UCRS Process
When the online process is completed, please use the online option of electronic signatures.
Original Signatures Needed
When instructed to attach applications for youth and adults that have been added during the on-line process please ensure the applications have original signatures. 

Youth Protection Policy
Every adult with the BSA must complete Youth Protection Training (YPT). Each adult being registered with a unit must have YPT since February 1, 2018 (even it's been within 2 years).
Unit representatives are asked not to reregister any adult whose YPT is not current at the time of recharter.

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