Recruitment Resources

BeAScout Online Registration

BeAScout is an online portal where prospective new families can find Scouting programs nearest their preferred meeting location. Simply go to and type in a zip code to find the closest Scouting unit near you.

Unit leaders should also be populating their “unit pin” in order to display the most accurate information.


Below is a list of marketing ideas and tools that will help increase recruitment success:

  • Social Media – Social media platforms and groups have become a significant source for keeping in contact with friends, family, and community organizations. NextDoor, online neighborhood discussion groups, and personal and community Facebook and Instagram pages help keep us informed. Geofencing through Facebook helps share events with individuals in very specific geographic areas. 
  • Promotional Videos – The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has developed four high-quality, high-energy, 10-second spots personalized for the DAC that can be used during meetings.
  • Community Promotions – Continue to emphasize that Scouting is still active, supporting communities and building future leaders. Direct people to to find a troop to join. Promote Scouting, not just your unit. Emphasize girls and families belong in BSA Scouting programs. 


Click the link below to submit a request for free recruitment materials for your district, which include:

  • Flyers
  • Yard Signs

Request materials for your recruting event

Please allow your District Executive a minimum of 72 hours to prepare items. You will be notified when your order is ready for pickup.


  • The BSA Brand Center offers assets for all Scouting programs, including templates, videos and approved photos to help promote Scouting.
  • Cub Scout recruitment resources 
  • The BSA also offers an online application process for youth and adults that can be completed from start to finish without handling any paper. For youth and adults new to Scouting only.
  • Slides on how to work with schools to recruit new families
  • 5 station method for signing up new families - Slides
  • instruction on finding a unit, activating your BeAScout Pin, and using with
  • Leave No Stone unturned - recruiting slides