Scouting Skills for Scoutmasters (Triple S)

This action-packed, hands-on, role-playing, fun-filled course has been designed to get leaders of a new unit up and running as a flagship troop. This course not only has a focus on troop management skills, but also covers the same topics as the Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS) course. This course is NOT a mini-Wood Badge. The goals and curriculum are quite distinct. Wood Badge has a focus on developing leadership skills. Triple-S has a focus on troop success.

Who should attend?

  • New Scoutmasters
  • New Assistant Scoutmasters
  • Seasoned Scouters who want to learn needed skills like: Recruiting, funding, retaining older Scouts and other skills you may not have needed in your previous Scouting experience.
  • Committee Members who want to help create the best possible experience for everyone in the unit, but especially for the Scouts.

What will I learn?

  • Focusing on understanding the role of the Senior Patrol Leader
  • Learning how to effectively utilize the Patrol Leaders Council and have practical experience in participating in a role-play of such a PLC meeting 
  • The elements of a successful Troop Meeting
  • The elements of a successful campout or other event
  • Understanding the importance of the annual plan
  • Review concepts in YPT and the Guide to Safe Scouting
  • The importance of the Scoutmaster’s Conference.
  • Review concepts taught in the Outdoor Code, etc.
  • Outdoor scouting skills (knots, lashings, fire building, etc.)


  • $40 per person (includes meals and training materials)
  • Time: Start—5:00 PM Thurs; End—5:00 PM Sat
  • Questions: Contact John Poulson

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