Frequently Asked Questions - Scout Camp

What time is check in?

Check in starts at 8 a.m. at the main lodge (due to travel times, Camp Loll checkin starts at 10 a.m.). Camp set up, swim checks and lunch need to be done before classes start right after lunch.

What do I need to bring to check in?  

- Health and medical forms for youth and adults – Parts A,B & C. All adults in camp 72 hrs or more must have a physical (part C of health form).  Note: to swim, hike and participate in most camp activities - Scout camp participants (youth & adults) will need to have all 3 parts of the BSA health form (including physician physical).

- Youth Camp (non-BSA camp programs) participants do not need part C (physical).

- Copy of registration showing paid in full.

- Group roster showing all youth and adults attending – youth and leaders must be verified of BSA Scout membership at the Council office prior.  Visit to submit your roster online for verification. You may also print your roster from Scout book and mark those attending.

- Any adult in camp 72 hrs or more, needs to be BSA registered prior to camp date. This includes parents.

- Final payment – cash, check, or card. We prefer final payment be made online before camp.

Can I add youth the morning of camp? 

Yes, have them added to your roster and bring a health form and you can pay for them at check in. There will be a late fee of $10 for adding youth at camp. Merit badges can be added for them at check in.

How can I add or subtract youth to my registration and make payments

You can add and subtract youth to your registration and make payments online up to 5 days before your camp date. Visit “How to create or make changes to camp registration” on your camp's webpage to download instructions. The system will lock the leader out at 5 days before  camp. Number changes within the 5 days must be done by the Council's service desk at 801-479-5460 or

How do I get a refund? 

 View the Refund policy. You may adjust your numbers online up to 5 days before camp. 

How do I change or add merit badge classes? 

The person named on the registration has access to the system to add and change merit badges. It is the same place that participation numbers and payments are made. A user ID and password is required.  The system will lock up to changes 5 days before the camp date. Any changes to merit badges within that 5 day period must be done at camp check in.

Can I make pre-registration camp requests for the next year? 

Yes, you should receive the next years registration request form at camp check in. If you do not get one, ask for it. Return to camp business manager before the end of the week of camp and pay your group's deposit. Be sure the receipt is stapled to the form. The requests will be entered into the registration system in August, first come first served by date submitted,  prior to open online registration. Your campsite preferences cannot be guaranteed but will be considered. If not available, you will be given the next available campsite. If preferred date is not available you will be given your second date choice.  If you have any questions regarding your registration it will be easier to clear up prior to online opening day.  If there is any problem with the registering process the Council's service desk will contact you by phone or email.  We will try to have online registration for next year available by June 1 for quicker and easier registration.

When can we sign up for Merit Badges

The merit badge system goes online May 3 at 8 a.m. You must have your half balance owed paid and your Scouts named and added to the registration roster before the system will let you proceed. You can do that any time before May 1.  If you make additions at the same time as doing the merit badge system, you will need to pay the half balance with a card before the classes will save. 

I am from out of Council, how to I get my roster verified? 

You must have your roster verified for BSA membership with your home council office. Have the council check the names on your roster and include their signature. 

What do I do for checking out of camp? 

Check out:  Friday afternoon/evening or Saturday a.m. Receive back health forms, camp totems and clear account.  Request if needed. Turn in next year camp request with receipt $250 deposit paid. Or go online to make your your registration.

What are the swim check requirements? 

Camps Loll requires swim checks to be done at camp arrival. Camps Hunt and Tifie can be done prior to camp by a certified lifeguard. See Leaders Guide for swim check form/requirements.


Changes and payments to registration or merit badges can be made online up to 5 days before camp. Within those 5 days changes or payments HAVE to be made through the Council's service desk.

Changes to merit badges must be done at camp on day of check in. Final payments should be paid prior to camp check in. Youth added at camp will have a $20 late fee added.