Sea Scouts

Sea Scout units–called ships–are established all across the country on oceans, bays, rivers, and lakes. They provide limitless opportunities and exciting challenges that you won’t find anywhere else. Sea Scouts is a place to grow and learn, find adventure, and build long lasting friendships.

Adventure on the Water

Sea Scout ships use a variety of boats from small outboard motorboats to large sailing yachts and vessels. No matter what your ship does, you will discover thrills you just can’t get anywhere else.

What Will I Do in Sea Scouts?

Sea Scouts are recognized and rewarded for the things they learn and do. You can earn valuable certifications in SCUBA, boating safety, lifesaving, and CPR, as well as advance in rank from Apprentice to Quartermaster. Each certification and level of advancement marks your growth as a sailor and a leader.

Sea Scouts receive training in seamanship and leadership. From ship meetings, long cruises, a USCG sponsored Safety at Sea, to SEAL (Sea Scout Experience Advanced Leadership) training, you will be learning every step of the way whether you realize it or not.

How Often Do We Meet?

Sea Scout ships meet weekly or every other week. 

Who Can Join?

Young men and women, ages 14-20 and completed the eighth grade, can join Sea Scouts.

What's the Cost?

Click to view current BSA National Membership Fees. Other costs for uniforms, activities, and camp are not included in the membership fee. Fundraising programs are available to help keep costs low.

How Does Sea Scouts Include Parents and Guardians?

Scouting is a volunteer-led program. Each Ship is sponsored by a local community organization. Parents are welcome and encouraged to participate and get involved as a volunteer leader. Parents and the community organization select leaders. We'll work with the volunteer leaders to provide training and resources to deliver a great program. Ship leaders have the opportunity to work with young men and women and their families, improving the community throughout fun-filled activities that teach values of the Scout Oath and Law. By serving as a leader you can help make a positive difference in the kind of adults participants grow into.

How Do We Get Started?

Join Sea Scouts any time!  Choose to speak to someone directly (call 801-479-5460) or join online at