Training Segment Patches

Collect them all!

The Crossroads of the West Council desires that trained Scouters show which trainings they've completed. Scouters will be able to purchase a "Trained Scouter" and then add segments based on what they've completed.


  • Trained Scouter - $6 each (shipping included)
  • Segments - $2 each (shipping included)

Uniform Placement...

When earned, segments may be sewn on the right pocket (where participation patches are displayed) or on the right sleeve (above the cuff, underneath the American flag).

Segment Requirements...

  • Shooting Sports - must be NRA RSO and Firearm Instructor
  • 1st Aid/CPR - must have completed Basic First Aid and CPR
  • Leave No Trace - must be LNT trainer or Master Educator

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