Council Yard Sign Contest

Join the Fun and Ensure the Future of Scouting!


• Must use Cub Scout, Scout BSA or Venturing themes.
• Must include or Join Scouting in decorations.
• Decorations should be visible from public roadway.
• Front yard, front of home can be used.
• Must abide by city, town or neighborhood ordinances.
• Winner for each district will be selected each month starting April 2021.
• Submissions can be entered more than once, but only once per month.
• Submissions should be received by the 25th of each month.
• Grand prize winner will be selected from entire Council in December 2021.
• Winners from each district, each month will be eligible for Grand Prize.
• Entries are submitted by uploading your photograph(s) (below).
• Photos could include final display and Scouts building display
• District winners are selected by their District Membership Committee and Commissioners.
• Grand Prize winner will be selected by the Council Membership Committee.

File Name Description
Yard Sign Flyer Download, print and share! Download