BALOO - Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation

BALOO stands for Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation. It’s the introductory training Cub Scout leaders should complete before taking Cub Scouts on an overnight camping trip.

Who should take BALOO?

Scouting America requires that you have at least one BALOO-trained adult on every Cub Scout den or pack overnight outdoor event. That include pack camping and Webelos den overnighters.

A BALOO-trained leader should be at any overnighter regardless of whether it is a pack, district or council event.

Having at least one BALOO-trained adult will make your Cub Scouts’ camping experience as awesome as it can be.

Why should I take BALOO?

Leaders who complete BALOO training are better prepared to plan pack den or pack overnight events.

You’ll learn how to make camping activities and outings fun. You’ll discover how to keep your Cub Scouts safe and entertained. And you’ll learn how to plan an event that’s rooted firmly in Cub Scouting’s principles.

Successful experiences in the outdoors make Cub Scouts — and their parents — more likely to keep coming back.

Don't enjoy sleeping in a tent? Several of our training locations are trailer-friendly! If you'd like to bring your camping trailer, all of our locations are "trailer-friendly!" 

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  • Hosted by Weber Rapids District Sept 27 to Sept28, 2024 at Ogden Service Center (5 pm Friday - 7 pm Saturday). $30. Hands-on class.    Register Now