Popcorn Fundraiser

Money should never be a reason why a youth misses out on ALL the fun Scouting has to offer.  Selling popcorn allows all youth to participate in camping and activities.

Raise ALL the money your unit needs to fund the entire program for the year.

Achieve your unit's goals and receive stronger parental involvement by implementing the “Ideal Year of Scouting.”

  • 70% return. Trail’s End returns over 70% of the money to Scouting to support your unit, Scout families, and the local council. 
  • Easy to sell! 2 out 3 people buy when asked. 92% say they would buy popcorn again. 
  • Life Lessons. Teach Scouts the life lessons of earning their own way.

Accept credit cards with SQUARE or other credit card readers in order to make your popcorn sale grow!

Fall 2019 Popcorn Sale

Start planning your 2019 Fall Popcorn Sale today - recruit a Popcorn Kernel and check out the resources listed at the bottom of this page.  The Sales Guide will give you all the information you need to have a successful sale!

Create your account and sign up to sell popcorn.

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2019 Sale Dates

  • Trails End App Training (app.trails-end.com/unit-training)
    • Thursdays (June 20-Sept 12), 6:30 PM EST & 9:30 PM EST
    • No webinar on July 4
    • Saturday, June 22, 12 PM EST
    • Saturday, July 20, 12 PM EST
    • Saturday, August 24, 12 PM EST
  • Aug 1 - Online sales begin
  • Aug 22 - Council Kickoff (7pm, Ogden Service Center 1200 E 5400 S, Ogden, UT 84403)
  • Aug 30 - Show-n-Sell unit orders due
  • Sep 11 - Show-n-Sell distribution
  • Oct 25 - Take Order & prize sheets due
  • Nov 6 - Take Order distribution
  • Nov 20 - Payment due to the Council

File Name Description
2019 Take Order & Prize Catalog Download
Online Selling Information Download
Popcorn & Jerky Unit Presentation Download
Popcorn Sales Guide Download
Unit Product Sale Goal Calculator Download