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Money should never be a reason why a youth misses out on ALL the fun Scouting has to offer.  Selling popcorn allows all youth to participate in camping and activities.

Raise ALL the money your unit needs to fund the entire program for the year.

Achieve your unit's goals and receive stronger parental involvement by implementing the “Ideal Year of Scouting.”

  • 70% return. Trail’s End returns over 70% of the money to Scouting to support your unit, Scout families, and the local council. 
  • Easy to sell! 2 out 3 people buy when asked. 92% say they would buy popcorn again. 
  • Life Lessons. Teach Scouts the life lessons of earning their own way.

Accept credit cards with the Trail's End App to make your popcorn sale grow!

Start planning your Fall Popcorn Sale today - recruit a Popcorn Chair in your unit and check out the resources listed at the bottom of this page. The Sales Guide will give you all the information you need to have a successful sale!

Popcorn Sale Dates

  • Saturday, August 6 - Big Spin Party (this is for 2021 Top 25 sellers)
  • Monday, August 8 - Council Kickoff 
  • Tuesday, August 9 - Online sales begin
  • Friday, August 19 - Unit popcorn order (show & sell) is due
  • Friday, September 9 - Popcorn distribution
  • Saturday, September 10 - Opening weekend of sales 
  • Monday, Nov 7 - Take Order due
  • Monday, Nov 7 - Unsold popcorn due
    • Only complete (open or unopened) popcorn cases will be accepted for return. Individual bags will not be returnable. Popcorn remaining with a unit after this date is now owned by the unit and cannot be returned to the Council.
  •  Wednesday, November 23 - Take Order popcorn distribution
  • Friday, December 2 - Payment due to the Council
  • Saturday, January 14 - Big Spin Party (this is for 2022 Top 25 sellers)

Commission Breakdown

  • Base Rate: 33%
    • +2% - Unit sales over $5,000 in product OR unit does not return any product
    • +2% - Unit sales over $7,500 in product
    • +2% - Unit sales over $10,000 in product
  • 39% unit commission potential!

Heroes and Helpers

All donations must be logged in the Trails-End app. As a result of these donations popcorn will be sent to our local home town heroes and helpers (i.e. First Responders, teachers, medical, military, etc.). 

Donations logged will also contribute a Scout's points toward prizes, the Scout Big Spin Party and top selling unit activities. See more details below. 

Top 25 Sellers - Big Spin Party

The Big Spin Party is for the top 25 selling Scouts in Crossroads of the West Council. You do not want to miss out on this party full of fun prizes, food and much more! 

Scouts who sell a minimum of $2,000 of popcorn and are in the Top 25 in fall 2022 will be eligible to attend this event. To qualify, all individual Scout transactions must be recorded through the Trails-End App. Only the top 25 Scouts who sold over $2,000 will be eligible to join the Big Spin Party in January 2023. Be sure to keep selling more past the minimum requirement. 

The popcorn newsletter each week will detail which Scouts are in the current top 25. This will not include amount sold for each Scout. The top 25 list will show the first name, last initial and unit number of each Scout. 

Top Selling Scouts & Units

Scouts, do you like going to Lagoon? What about Disneyland? In addition to the Big Spin Party top selling Scouts can earn some of these amazing prizes. Click here for more details. 

Units can qualify for extra incentives (beyond commission) by earning the following popcorn gross sell milestones:

  • $10,000 - unit movie night at the local theater ($500 value)
  • $15,000 - unit swim night at a local pool ($950 value)
  • $20,000 - unit movie night at the local theater ($500 value) AND unit swim night at a local pool ($950 value)

More details can be found by clicking here

Store Front Sales Guidelines

Helpful Links

Get "Take Order & Prize Sheet Forms" for your Scouts

Make Popcorn Payment

Inform Council of Store Front Sale Dates

View Store Front Availability

Show & Sell Items

  • Caramel Corn: $15
  • Popping Corn: $15
  • Unbelievable Butter (microwave): $25
  • Salted Caramel: $25
  • Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn: $25
  • White Cheddar: $25
  • Gift Box (Kettle Corn & White Cheddar): $45

File Name Description
Ideal year of Scouting - program calculator Calculate the amount of popcorn to sell based on your Scouting calendar Download
Popcorn Order Projection Sheet Guidelines to ordering the appropriate amount of popcorn Download
Popcorn Sales Guide Specific popcorn details from Council for this year Download
Scout & Unit Bonus Incentives See what bonuses are waiting for your Scout and Unit! Download
Smith's Popcorn Sales Letter of Approval This letter is needed for all Smith's store front reservations Download
Store Front Guidelines Download
Take Order & Prize Catalog Download
Trail's End Kernel Guidebook In depth information for all things popcorn Download