Jerky Fundraiser

Money should never be a reason why a youth misses out on ALL the fun Scouting has to offer.  Selling Jerky allows all youth to participate in camping and activities.

  • Pay for your summer camp
  • Help fund your units program for the year

Start planning your 2021 Jerky Sale today - recruit a Jerky Captain to head this up on your committee and check out the resources listed at the bottom of this page.  The Fundraiser Guide, below, will give you all the information you need to have a successful sale!

What is being sold?

Below are the BSA Jack Link's items. Please downlowd the Jerky Sales Guide for more details. 

  • 3.125 oz. Original Beef Jerky multi-pack
  • 3.125 oz. Teriyaki Beef Jerky multi-pack
  • 7.2 oz. Pepperoni Jerky Sticks nine-pack
  • 10 oz. Original Beef Jerky bag
  • 10 oz. Teriyaki Beef Jerky bag
  • 10 oz. Peppered Beef Jerky bag

Prizes and Incentives

  • Units can choose one of the following two options: 
    • 2% of sales can be used toward prizes (Amazon gift card)
    • 4% of unit sales can be credited to attend a Council summer camp in 2021


  • Units recieve 33% commission for all sales
  • In addition to the unit commission units will receive either an additional 2% toward prizes or 4% toward a Council summer camp

Store Front Selling

  • Please use this form to notify the Council of your store front selling locations. This ensure units do not double-book a store front location. Units who submit their confirmed dates first will ahve priority. 

2021 Sale Dates 

  • Wednesday, February 17
    • Kick-off meeting via zoom at 7 pm
  • Thursday, February 25
    • Jerky Order Due
  • Wednesday, March 24
    • Jerky Distribution (location details TBD)
  • Saturday, March 27
    • Jerky Sale Begins 
  • Monday, April 26
    • First Payment Due (50% of product) 
      • If units have NOT sold over 50% of product then the unit must sell the remaining product or return the unsold product to Council on this date. Only sealed jerky packages will be accepted for return. 
  • Sunday, May 30
    • Last weekend to sell jerky
  • Wednesday, June 2
    • Product Due
      • Any remaining jerky, up to 50% of original inventory, your unit will not sell is due to the Council on this date. Only sealed jerky pacakages will be accepted for return. Jerky remaining with a unit after this date is now owned by the unit and cannot be returned to the Council.
  • Wednesday, June 9 
    • Payment Due to Council 
      • Units will receive Amazon gift cards or camp credit after full payment is received
      • Units will forfeit prizes or camp credit if payment is not paid by Wednesday, June 9

Helpful Links

Record your store-front locations

Make your jerky order

File Name Description
Editable Jerky Order Projection Sheet Project the amount of jerky your unit should order Download
Jerky Sales Guide All you need to know for a successful sale! Download
Unit Kickoff Download
Unit Product Sale Goal Calculator This sheet will help your unit determine your sales goals. Download