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Eagle Scout Service Project, Application and Board of Review Process

Eagle Scout Service Project Approval

The quality of Eagle projects is paramount – therefore, project approvals are centralized through the Council advancement committee member responsible to approve and/or oversee project approvals (list provided).

  1. The workbook must be worked in order from beginning to last page.
  2. The project must not begin until ALL approval signatures have been obtained
  1. An Eagle Scout service project is considered completed when the:
  • project plans are executed
  • proposal, plan, and report sections have been filled out completely and  
  • required signatures secured the report section. 

Eagle Scout Application 

The Unit Advancement person should assist the Scout in completing and assembling the needed items for the completed Eagle packet and is also the point of collection for all the written letters of reference. 

       1. Eagle Scout Application must be:

  • Filled out completely (including the reference section)
    • The Eagle applicant will ask the references listed on the Eagle application to write a letter of recommendation telling how the Scout lives by the principles of the Scout Oath and the Scout Law in his/her daily life.
    • The Guide to Advancement 2019 Topic states, “In Scouts BSA, advancement references are required only for Eagle Scout rank. The Council determines methods of contact.” The Crossroads of the West Council has decided that the contact method of preference will be done by letters. The Scout provides stamped envelopes addressed with the name and address of the Council advancement vice chair in their District. Writing the Scout’s name on the back of the envelope is also helpful.  These envelopes are then given by the Eagle applicant to the references listed on the Eagle application. See the Council vice chair list provided.
    • Also stated in the Guide to Advancement 2019 Topic, “It is acceptable to deliver to the references a stamped addressed envelope with instructions. Scouts may assist with this.” It is then up to the Council’s designated representatives, the Council advancement vice chair, to follow up with the responses.
    • Eagle Boards of Review will not be delayed due to non-receipt of letters of recommendation.  Council advancement vice chairs will follow up with a phone call or email.  Boards will be scheduled after a reasonably diligent effort to obtain the references.     
  • Verified by the council office BEFORE Board of Review.  Unit advancement person submits the application to be verified at the service center

      2. Verification happens in one of two ways:

Eagle Scout Board of Review

After ALL the above steps are completed, the project workbook, completed Eagle application, Council verification, letters of reference and a statement of his/her goals with a list of positions held in his/her religious institution, school, camp, community organization and letters of reference (mailed) are delivered to the appropriate Council advancement vice chair in your District. See the Council vice chair list provided..

       1. Board of Review:

  • Scheduled and conducted by the council advancement committee member AFTER verification date       
  • Eagle Scout to be accompanied (if possible) the following:
    • unit leader
    • parent(s)/guardian

Post Board of Review

      1. After the Board of Review:

  • Please be prepared to arrange for delivery of the Eagle certificate after the Board of Review. The certificate can be mailed for $2.00 or the certificate and an Eagle presentation kit can be mailed for $40.00.  To pay for mailing. Scouts local to the Ogden office may choose to pick up the certificate for free at the Ogden office and then purchase the Eagle presentation kit directly from any scout shop location
  • Application submitted to council – board representative responsibility
  • Application is certified – council responsibility. 

      2. Certificate Pick-up:

  • The Eagle Scout will be notified by email when the certificate arrives from National.  He/she will decide to either pick the items up from the service center or have them mailed to the Eagle Scout
  • Eagle Scout application to be returned to Eagle Scout with certificate
  • An Eagle recognition presentation kit may be purchased at this time

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