Pioneer Connections

What Are Your Pioneer Connections?

In partnership with the Daughters of Utah Pioneers (DUP), these activities help Scouts connect with their own pioneer heritage or the pioneer legacy of the state where they live.

Summary of Activities...

  • Scouts will visit a local pioneer museum.
  • Learn about the heritage and traditions of pioneers in the Intermountain West.
  • Play like a pioneer.
  • Learn about family legacies and heirlooms.
  • Plan and complete a service project 
  • For a complete list of requirements... download the list below.

Locate a DUP museum near you..

  • Click here to locate a DUP museum near you. (A historcial/community museum can be subsituted if a DUP museum does not exist near you)

Order Patches...

  • Click here to order the activity patch when requirements are completed


File Name Description
Utah DUP Connection Requirements Download, print and share! Download