Commissioner Service

Our Service Plan

As commissioners we share the BSA’s Mission to prepare Scouts to make moral and ethical choice choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.     

Our Vision

Every member of the BSA to have an educational enjoyable experience in Scouting.

Our Objectives

  1. Trained and fully functional leaders
  2. Commissioners who are assigned and fully committed to their responsibilities.
  3. Contacting units and capturing their strengths and needs to further their improvement.
  4. Supporting timely recharter
  5. Communicating effectively through outstanding Roundtables.   

Our Goals

  1. 100% of Units assigned a commissioner.
  2. Maintain a 100% YPT at recharter.
  3. All adults leaders100% position trained.
  4. Every unit should have a Woodbadge trained leader.
  5. 100% of units with a simple assessment and 35% with a detailed assessment.
  6. Every unit to have 1 NYLT trained youth. 

Roundtable Leadership

District Group Roundtable Commissioner
Old Ephraim Scouts Scott Cornelson
  Cubs Shanae Ames
Weber Rapids Scouts Richard Finner
  Cubs Melissa Dibbell
  Scouts Edward Reese
Jim Bridger Cubs, Scouts Dale Revelli
Thurston Peak Scouts Neil Anderson
  Cubs Lori Harrison
Oquirrh Mountain Scouts Benjamin Bybee
  Cubs Shelly Hendricksen
Wasatch Peaks Cubs, Scouts Jonathan Barnes
Timpanogos Cubs, Scouts Stewart Schow
Silver Sage Cubs, Scouts Jim Bethel
Spanish Trails Cubs, Scouts Brian Welhoelter
    Paul Graf


District Commissioner Leadership & Roundtable Information

Council Commissioner Leadership

Name Position
Brett Sutherland Council Commissioner
Wendell Child Commissioner Tools Champion
Kevin Hanks Assistant Council Commissioner Northern Area
Richard Dubois Assistant Council Commissioner Southern Area
Perry Frandsen At Large
Annaleis Smith Commissioner College
Kenny Palmer Assistant Council Commissioner Central Area
Robert Hendriksen Youth Protection Training Champion
Allen Bracken Assistant Council Commissioner Rountable
Lyn Bracken Assistant Council Commissioner Roundtable
Richard Evans Commissioner Training Coordinator