Safety in Bear Country

Dear group leader,

The opportunity to hike, camp and view wildlife at our council camps is a great adventure. With this experience comes the individual responsibility to be properly informed about the appropriate safety techniques to avoid human/wildlife conflicts. This is especially important in the areas that bears call home.

This website is designed to empower you to prepare your group for your adventure at camp or high adventure trek this summer.  The materials found throughout these webpages will prepare your unit members how to be responsible for their own safety and preserve our wildlife heritage.


View Staying Safe in Bear Country Video

All groups that attend Camps Maple Dell, Loll, Thunder Ridge and Tifie are required to view "Staying Safe in Bear Country" prior to attending camp.


Explore the information contained on the other pages within this site to lead a discussion with your group concerning camping in bear country. 

Remember, there are two species of bears and two bear behaviors that we must consider at all times.  Grizzly bears and black bears have different personalities - please note these differences as you proceed through the training.  There are two bear behaviors we must consider:

  • Is the bear hunting you?
  • Did you stumble across the bear?

Please pay close attention to the different responses you must present depending upon the circumstance.