Credit Request

  • In the event the Council cancels a camp or event; the unit, organization, or individual may use the credit towards a future event, or a full-refund will be granted. 
  • Depsit amounts are required at registration and are non-refundable when a unit or group registers for camp.
  • Deposits for reservations of Council properties during the off-season are not refundable (usuallly one night's payment).
  • Remaining balance for camping reservations is due one week (7 days) prior to arriving at camp (Scout camp, treks, youth camps); and 1 day (24 hours) prior to arriving at day camp.
  • Refunds are not available for food - changing participant numbers at camp will result in the unit/group paying for food that was already ordered (commissary & dining hall).
  • Groups that cancel their camp reservation after May 1 forfeit 50% of the camp fees, the rest will be issued as a credit towards future events. Credits will not be issued after May 31.
  • Groups/participants may request a credit towards future events if a camper is unable to attend camp due to:
    • Illness
    • Personal injury
    • Death in the family
  • "No-shows" are not eligible for credits.

Camp Credit Request

  • Refund requests need to be submitted within two weeks of your reservation ending.

Notification will be sent to the requestor's email by September of the status of the credit.